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Brian Sills
Saturday, December 11, 2021"The Holiday Fix Up" on LifetimeBrian's next Christmas movie, "The Holiday Fix Up" starring Janna Kramer & Ryan McPartlin will premiere on Lifetime (USA) on December 11th at 8pm (EST). Be sure to tune in for some Christmas magic! Stay tuned for air dates in Canada! #itsawonderfullifetime
Tuesday, September 14, 2021Professor Sills!Brian is now a part-time professor at Sheridan College in Toronto, teaching "Intro To On Camera" to 3rd year musical theatre students.

Oh, hi there! Thanks for dropping by! So, who am I and why should you care? I have no idea, but you clicked the button so let’s give this a whirl…

I am just a humble Canadian actor living in NYC, quietly & politely stealing jobs from American actors, just like so many Canadian actors before me! Sorry aboot it! Actually, before you deport me, I am an American citizen as well! I swear!

I went to one of the best theatre schools in Canada…or at least that is what they told us. Since then, I’ve been working in theatre, tv, film, commercials and stuff. It has been a pretty wild & fun ride so far, and I consider myself pretty lucky to have been a working actor these last 20 years! I wake up every day excited for whatever may happen next!

So, snoop around my website if you like. Or don’t! Go get a latte and cupcake instead. You deserve it!


Brian Sills gives a truly marvelous performance as David. Sills offers such an honest, low-keyed performance, David’s journey to self-discovery is both satisfying and rewarding.WAMC - New York Public Radio


"Still, the one actor who managed to pull my attention even when the lights were especially bleeping and whirring was Brian Sills, who plays another chessmaster hired by IBM to teach the computer strategy. Sills gets to throw a Method actor's meat behind the play's one genuinely round character."Slant Magazine
"Great and often funny performance from Canadian actor Brian Sills, as temperamental American chess Champion Joel Benjamin"British Theatre Guide


"Sills seems so comfortable with the role at this point that he virtually owns it, and his sense of humor has become nuanced, precise and targeted. The role requires flexibility and versatility, both of which Sills delivers with ease."Robert TrusselKansas City Star
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"Brian Sills delivers a solid performance as Sedaris turned Crumpet the Christmas elf, commanding the stage. Sills masters a tone that's caustic but not cruel."The Pitch
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"Brian Sills brings a wry and naughty energy to the part of Crumpet . Sills successfully embodies not only Crumpet, but everyone he meets including bratty kids, relentless helicopter parents, bizarrely cranky Santas, and snippy floor supervisors. "KC Infozine
"Brian Sills shines as the stage version of Sedaris and his alter-ego, Crumpet."KC Metropolis


"Brian Sills’s servant Tranio is a gift."Time Out Chicago
"Brian Sills' Tranio is a rich comedic creation"Chicago Tribune
"Brian Sills (Tranio) is outstanding. His verbal & physical comedic timing is hilarious."Chicago Now


"...engaging and grouded performance.... Brian Sills, as the sweet and sensiteive pediatrician Peter Petrone..."The Herald Tribune


"Brian Sills, who anchors the production in a bravura performance as the Master of Ceremonies, creates a suave and malevolent presence that permeates the show"Kansas City Star
"Cabaret rises and falls on its master of ceremonies, and Brian Sills is stellar. His debonair charisma, erect posture and mannerist dancing reflect an old-world civility that contrasts devastatingly with the mayhem we know is to come."The Pitch
"Sills can be charming, sexually threatening and utterly cynical as he seduces the audience."Kansas City Star


"Sills brought a brash and delicious naughtiness to his Mozart. Sills’ physical depiction of childlike arrogance was impeccable."The Daily Beacon


"...Hilarious Cloten, Sills at his comic finest!"chicagocritic.com
"Sills leaves his fingerprints all over the role of Cloten, playing him as a fortunate son with a Napoleon complex."Time Out Chicago
"Overplayed to perfection!"Chicago Reader
“The real scene stealer, though, is Brian Sills' Cloten, whose every line and movement is over the top with the panache of a man who doesn't have any idea how ridiculous he is. Sills is such a fantastic actor you almost wish Cloten to be successful, just because you don't want to see him go.”playshakespeare.com


"If charisma dictates billing, Brian Sills as Passepartout is the show’s star. We have to look to Peter Sellers in his heyday for such magnificently mangled French."Cleveland Scene
"Even higher feats of derring-do are achieved with little apparent effort by Brian Sills as Fogg’s resourceful manservant Passepartout. Sills never lets an opportunity for a slow take, a pratfall or a supercilious glance go unexploited"The Plain Dealer
"Not a single opportunity to extract something clever or comical from the dialogue is passed over, and this fine actor hits the mark each and every time. An absolute pleasure to watch."The News Herald
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Brian Sills: Film & TV Reel (updated 12/2/2021)
Film & TV reel for actor Brian Sills.
Commercial Reel
Theatre Reel
"What Am I Doing??" Ep. 1: An Actor Prepares
"What Am I Doing??" Episode 1: An Actor Prepares. A new comedy series by Brian Sills

Audition & Preparation Services

One of my greatest pleasures is helping fellow actors prepare for auditions. It is something I have been doing for several years and I love it! My goal is simply to make sure you give your best audition with confidence, honesty, clarity & creativity. Book it, baby!

Shoot me an email to set up an appointment: briansills@me.com

"Brian is one of the most insightful actors I know. I can always trust him for honest & helpful feedback. He’s the best!"
Jessie MuellerTony Award Winning Actress for "Beautiful", "Waitress", "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (Broaday), "Into The Woods" (Delacorte Theatre Central Park), "On A Clear Day I Can See Forever" (Broadway)

“I always leave feeling incredibly confident, prepared and EXCITED to step into the audition room! Brian is the reason I have a job right now playing Glinda in “Wicked” on Broadway."
Kara Lindsay"Wicked" (Broadway), "Newsies" (Broadway)

“I can always count on Brian Sills in the audition room. He is meticulous in his preparation, always on his best game, dependable and he brings a great spirit, joy and brightness to his work.”
Stephanie KlapperCasting Director